‘Congratulations! You are pregnant.’ This good news came to us absolutely when it was needed the most.

Resting here in my bed, while writing my pregnancy diary, in the 20th week of my pregnancy, I think about the day when we first knew that I am pregnant.

Oh my God! I will be a mother soon.

Last week he suggested me to pen down my pregnancy experience, with an idea that, it will be a great thing to take a look back in time.

It was not planned but not unwanted too. My husband is the eldest of all his brothers and cousins. We have been married for almost 3 years. Everyone in the family was expecting us to share some good news but we (especially he), wanted to take some more time to get his professional life on track so that he could have a proper work-life balance when we will be needing it the most.

“When are you sharing some good news?”

“When are you going to have a baby?”

“Are you planning yet?”

“Are you pregnant yet?”

And many questions like these had become the first thing anyone in the family (including my parents), could ask over call, family gathering or dinners.

I simply used to pass this question to my husband. Ask him, only he knows.

Some people in distant relations had even started saying that, I probably can’t have kids. Thanks to their narrow mindset, it’s the inability to have children is the only reason why someone wouldn’t be pregnant.

Time was flying by, and everything was little less than normal.

There had been a loss in the family, our Grand-pa had expired and all of us were trying to manage ourselves and supporting each other. My husband had started spending more time with his work, even at home (this is how he manage his grief).

My periods had been delayed by 5 days; well it was the 2nd time this year. But unlike 1st time, I had a feeling that something is different. My period has been quite regular lately, however, recently we had a lot of travel and stress going on. So, I thought to give it 2 days more.

In the early 6th week, I felt something more different. I was feeling off and my breasts started getting sore and cramps in my lower abdomen. I was suspicious now that I am pregnant.

That day, Nov.18th, 2017, when he came home from work, I indirectly asked him to take me to a doctor. (Yes, Yes, I could have purchased a pregnancy kit and tested it, but call me old school.).

First, he denied softly, saying don’t worry, it happens sometimes, you will get your cycles back, but I insisted and he asked some random questions during our discussion. Now I understand that he was trying to read my early symptoms.

He asked about how I feel in morning, do I feel sleepy all time and he also mentioned me facing constipation like every other day.

Here are the early symptoms of pregnancy (now I know 🙂 ), I shared with him.

  1. Sever morning sickness. (I thought I was just under the weather)
  2. Feeling extremely sleepy.
  3. Heartburn had suddenly started now and then. (My water intake is good and so is diet).
  4. Sore in my breasts.
  5. Noticing larger and darker areolas.
  6. Having cramps and some weird feeling in my lower abdomen.
  7. Suddenly everything had become so smelly. As if their scents had become stronger.
  8. I used to like Ghee and Hing, but now, their smell was causing me to feel like vomit.
  9. Occasional constipation
  10. Feeling like need to use the bathroom every fifteen minutes.
  11. Food started testing blend or say, experiencing food smell aversions
    (I always felt like adding more salt to food and Gazar Ka Halwa should have more sugar 🙂 ).
  12. AND YOU ARE ACTING DIFFERENT, he added. (weird was the actual word 🙂 ).

He promised me to take me to Obs-gyne. We got our appointment in AIIMS, Delhi for 20th Nov 2017, but couldn’t make it. It was too overcrowded. The same day, in the evening we went to a private hospital nearby.

To my surprise, the doctor’s assistant asked just 2 questions: Are you taking precautions? Are you planning to conceive? BOTH NO.

I wanted to ask and share my history with late pregnancy but she (as if pushing me) asked me to visit hospital path-lab for the pregnancy test. (As, if I couldn’t have done it already) and asked to visit next day. WHY it’s just a 10 minutes test. WHY another OPD visit?

The experience was bad. The technician took samples and forgot it in the sample tray. We had been asked to wait for 20 minutes. But it was almost an hour. We walked into the lab to ask the progress and only then he realized that he had forgotten the sample in the tray in other room. Such a carelessness.

After 10 minutes we got the result.

He was holding the report, reading it silently and he held it for several seconds before his face broke into a huge smile and he looked up. It was positive, I read his smile and then he read it to me. It was a mix of feelings for me.

Honestly, how I felt after knowing that I am pregnant – I was surprised, nervous, excited, happy and little scared all at the same time.

I was smiling looking at him and he just hugged me like never wanting to feel left out, and wrapped his arms around. It was a wonderful moment. Congratulations and thank you, he whispered in my ears softly.

On our way to home, I asked, how about sharing this news with parents. Let’s take some time, he said. How much, I asked, I was like, super excited, thinking about the times ahead. Oh, My God, I am going to be a mother.

Well, let’s wait for 2-3 weeks more. We’d decided to take 2nd consultation and to be sure and then share it with our parents. A couple of days later, we visited another doctor (Both of us, really didn’t like the approach and behavior of the 1st gynecologist).

The new doctor was good. She did the test and asked us to visit next week for an ultrasound.

We visited, and she confirmed after the ultrasound. “Congratulations, you are pregnant. You will be parents of a little one soon.”

By when he asked in excitement. Let’s call it 3rd week of July. She answered, 7 days plus or minus.

I was elated to welcome this new chapter in my life. Both of us little nervous or worried about, just what to expect and how it would change our lives ahead.

She prescribed some medication to me, including Folic acid and some other meds. Measured my weight and BP, and we scheduled my next appointment.

We returned home and shared the news with our parents. All were happy. With New Year, we shared the news with almost everyone in family and friends too.

From now on I’ll be doing weekly updates on how my pregnancy journey is going for both of us.

I think it will be a fun way to be able to look back on things, once we will be parents. What you say.

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