Excluded, Secluded,
Alienated, Separated;
Reclusive and Different.
In silence, like a shout
I’m the odd one out…

Withdrawn in solitude,
Unliked and Misunderstood
Is what I am, have Always been.
Without a doubt
I’m the odd one out…

Broken, shattered,
Crushed and scattered
Bad for some, good for the rest.
I’m a bet on a bout,
I’m the odd one out.

Forgotten, isolated,
Alone and deserted;
Uncomfortably Underestimated
Always as important,
As you would never understand,
Defining my route,
I’m the odd one out…

Peculiar and Strange,
Unlike like the rest.
Alone in pairs,
like a triangle in squares,
Like a spring in drought,
I’m the odd one out…

~ Alok Upadhayay

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