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Simple Memorable Is The Motto I Live By

Thank you for knocking at the pages of my blog. Through it, I want to connect my readers to the hitherto latent aspects of Indian culture.

I photograph, and document my life expierences, to capture the essense of the highs and lows of my life expierences – no matter how big or small.

With an appetite for abstract thought, poetry, inspirational essays and travel journals, I am someone who is always game when it comes to exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and eating good food.

Being a teetotaler and strict vegetarian I am always eager to give recommendations to my fellow sober herbivores, who these days sometimes get left out of the up and coming food culture in India.

I like to accompany all my essays and prose with pictures; I find it helps to set the scene for the reader in bridging the distance between the said and the unsaid.

I earn my daily bread as a digital marketing professional and soft skills trainer. The bread eating side of me is an avid traveller, freelance writer, foodie, and photographer.

Books are my opium, I like nothing more than to get entrenched in a good pulp fiction thriller.

I write equally passionately in Hindi and English. I have been a part of the daily rigmarole of office life for the past seven years. At present I earn my keep, working as a marketing professional with med-tech startup.

Once again welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy my reliving my thoughts & experiences through my photography and writing, presented for you in Hindi and English.

– Alok Upadhayay



I am still exploring India.  
Slowly shortening my bucket list. 

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Next destination is calling. Travel like a backpacker, roam like a local, get involved, have fun, enjoy local food and culture.



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Work, save, check bucket list, travel, roam around, click photographs, pen down memories and repeat and repeat and repeat.