The day we found out that I had a bun in the oven, I was filled with so many emotions. I was happy, shocked, scared, confused, elated, ecstatic, in disbelief and many more feelings were afterward knowing about my pregnancy.

But one the day we found out that, I am pregnant we discussed to keep the news with us (my husband and me) only for next couple of weeks, I was like getting impatience. I so much wanted to announce it, tell everyone about me being pregnant. I will be a mother soon. But on our way back to the home he suggested to not to share with anyone, even with our parents and I was like, ….don’t know what to say.

I asked him, why cannot we just announce my pregnancy, at least with friends and family? He tried to avoid the question by saying, let’s take 2nd opinion first. I knew it was not the reason.

2 days later, I asked him again, and finally, he explained, and I must agree that he had his fair reasons. One of his friends recently had a miscarriage and it was devastating for her as well rest of the family.

That may seem odd–but we talked it out and figured that if by any bad luck, in case of miscarriage (which is more likely to happen in the first trimester of pregnancy), to keep this devastating news from rest of the family, would prefer not to tell until we are sure.

An announcement of my pregnancy will just raise hopes of everyone and the higher the hopes will be the more pain it would cause if I lost the baby. I know, it doesn’t make sense? But, right or wrong, it was the reason and I agreed to it.

I know he was, is and will always be there for me, but it was not only about me. The idea of keeping the news only to us for a couple of more days was well thought and it felt right. Also, in light of recent losses, no-one was ready to bear another bad news.

After confirmation from the 2nd doctor, we shared the news with our parents, but with rest of the family and friends, we waited for few more weeks.
For next several weeks, I was holding the news of my pregnancy as a huge secret. He himself is an extrovert, but about this, he somehow managed to stay silent.

The time ran swiftly and it was time to take the cat out of the bag now.

It was Christmas, and my brother-in-law was visiting Delhi to celebrate his birthday. He asked me very fondly, “Bhabhi, what am I getting as my birthday gift. Bhaiya told it a surprise and is with you.”
I smiled and said, well, our little family is getting a little bigger.
He had a confused look now.
I shared more, the stork is on it’s way to Delhi this July. He was more confused now.
“Will you please be more precise,” he almost requested. Fine, you will be an uncle soon, so technically you need to wait for next couple of months to actually have your gift.

I had waited so patiently to tell someone else in the family and now I could finally spill the beans. It was such a relief. It had been hard sitting on this news, and I felt like I’ve just been holding my breath in. I hadn’t shared it with my sister or my best friend yet.

The same was with him. He didn’t share the news with his best buddies, till the day, when he shared this news very dramatically with his friends at work.

It was the new year, and we were making and getting calls for new year wishes. As expected, after wishing ‘Happy New Year 2018’ the first question everyone asked was, “So, is it just the new year, or there is some new news too?”
“Well, you can expect some great news in July 2018.” And then the news spread like wild-fire. In next 15 minutes, I was getting calls from everyone to congratulate me.

I was realizing, how connected we were and the decision to hold the announcement of my pregnancy until the time was right, was so right.
Since that day, we’ve been experiencing the joy in family, but along with the delight have been some rather uncomfortable moments too.

To start with, morning sickness is the first. All day, all night, always sickness. I so badly felt that I am suffering from fever. So badly wanted to take some medication too, but here my husband bluntly refused to allow me to take any medicine without medical consultation.

Including my early pregnancy symptoms, I had experienced:

  • Vomiting (for which doctor had prescribed medicines)
  • Blue veins on the chest.
  • Fatigue/extreme exhaustion
  • Dizziness
  • Food cravings and aversions
  • Somehow my nails are growing fast

Now, it’s really exciting to share my pregnancy journey with all of you too, and hope to do a weekly update, including bump pictures (if possible) and other things that come up!

How did you announce your pregnancy news? Share in comments.

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