I wish I’d learn… The ‘Optimism’ of people rushing in an already crowded metro coach to find a seat for themselves.

The ‘Lightning Speed’ to take over the seat of the co-passenger before anyone else tries to move an inch…(even our sports person would envy it).

My Mini Lens

The ‘Assurance’ of getting another train in next couple of minutes in case they miss the current one swiftly passing them. ‘A peaceful place ‘ to sit (in just Rs. 60/-) for 170 minutes, without being disturbed by Chai-Chai, Shani dev ko Kuch Chadha do, ‘Gora’ pati milega, Bhagwan Jodi Banaaye Rahega etc. etc.

‘Options to choose from, whatever you like’- lifts, escalators or stairs.
It takes only an ‘about turn’ in case they are heading in a wrong direction.
The correct platform would be just right there.

The ‘pleasantly surprised’ look on people’s face when they see a long forgotten face standing right next to them without a preplanned meet.
No red lights, no traffic jams, no stupid honking.

Queues, people to pause and help you find the way to your platform with a smile.
Different human ’emotions’,’wearable’ dressing styles, ‘extraordinary zeal’ to carry impractical ensembles…

‘To reach out’ to most of the places without being lost …to hell with Google maps

The ‘feeling of being safe’ whether its 6 in the morning or 10 late night.

Different ‘Outlook’ towards the same train journey – for some its a daily mundane affair, for some -adventure. While matching my wavelength with the frequency of the trains for almost 9 years from now.

I am reminded of two lines (one of my favourites)

“Bus conductor si ho gayi hai zindagi apni…
Safar be roz ka hai,aur jana bhi kahin nahin hai.”

Yes, its #LifeinMetro

What’s your experience, share in comments or tag the one you know has something to say about it.

Post by – Akanksha Bisen

Photo by – Alok Upadhayay

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