From the day I knew about my pregnancy, I was so happy but this happiness had arrived with some not so wanted moments too. Till date, my entire pregnancy has been like an ongoing roller coaster. But Week 8 of my pregnancy was the week I remember as the worst week of my pregnancy. Good that I am writing this pregnancy diary. It might be helpful in future.

A lot had happened to me in the 8th week of my pregnancy. The worst was morning sickness accompanied by vomiting. It was so horrible that at some point I thought it’s enough. My body wanted to throw up everything out and it was.

I remember myself telling him, “I wish I could have known, it’s so terrible to be pregnant.” Sometimes felt like giving up but somewhere I knew it will be over soon. Thanks to those meds. which my doctor had prescribed for vomiting. My mother (mother-in-law) kept telling me that, it will be over soon. It’s just matter of days.

For me, my pregnancy week begins on a Thursday and that Thursday was quite smooth considering the situations earlier. I was feeling good, cooked his favorite dishes and some snacks for his colleagues. He tells me that they all love roasted poha. And I loved making it for them. Spend the day in T-shirt and Pajamas. Enjoyed Paneer biryani with him as dinner. Wow, it was so awesome.

And the Friday was here. I wake at 5:30 am every day. But today, I was not feeling like waking up at all. I managed to get out of bed at 8:00 am when he brought milk for me. I take milk with Psyllium Husk (Isabgol in Hindi), every morning and evening.

It is very helpful in curing constipation during pregnancy. The doctor had recommended some medicines for constipation during pregnancy but we wanted to avoid as many meds as we can.

In case you are pregnant and facing constipation you can try taking Psyllium Husk with lukewarm milk and little sugar (for taste) in morning and evening. It will be very helpful.

My opinion, avoid any medicine that is not necessary for you during pregnancy.

I had got cold too and so badly wanted to take some meds but he bought a steam machine for me and I religiously used it 3 times a day (water only), for 2 days with ginger tea and the cold was gone.

I started drinking lukewarm water to avoid any more such situations.

Thanks to his friends and colleague who all are working on making a pregnancy monitoring device and know a lot about such situations. We have an added benefit of having someone as his colleague and friend who is an excellent medical practitioner.

Where was I, yes, the Friday… It felt so nauseous throughout the day and I spent the day in my bed, wrapped in blankets. Was feeling like vomiting as if my body wants to throw out even the very last thing in my stomach. But, thanks to all those gods in heaven, it didn’t happen. Though the experience was pretty bad, one of the worst I must say. Saturday was the same.

I tried to not to tell him, but he is good in noticing things (though terrible in expressing). He decided to be late for work or if needed then taking a day off. But it didn’t come to that. He had been supportive by helping me in the kitchen and other things when he was around or home.

Unfortunately, the Sunday was not so good either. I was feeling so nauseous that I spent most of the resting in bed and feeling sick. By evening, the headache I had somehow managed to avoid till now, was back like a nemesis. My husband managed to get me to take some ginger tea which helped a little. But overall I was feeling like hell. I kept on sipping water to keep myself hydrated.

Monday was the same. Even after taking meds and trying at my level best to not to vomit, I ended up in the bathroom, throwing up everything and then wrapped in my blanket, lying in bed for the rest of the day, desperately praying to not to happen again.

Thanks that I chose to be a homemaker. I was only worried about vomiting in my bed, for which I kept a couple of plastic bags near my pillow. Thank goodness it didn’t come to it.

Tuesday evening when he came home, I was all in tears, telling him that I couldn’t do it anymore. He sat and listened and promised me to talk to the doctor. I remember him telling that it will be over soon. He was being so patience with me. (He is little hot-headed).

And suddenly he said something that brought me to all my senses. “Do you really want to give up, should I call the doctor for an appointment?” I didn’t understand and when I did, my motherhood DNA kicked in. “No, not at all, it’s my baby and I will do all that I can. What I am going through is nothing.” I was so mad at him then, but now I understand why he said so.

That week was the worst than it has been ever in my life. I should say “one of the worst weeks of my life so far.
Wednesday, however, was a better day and a happy day too. Everyone had left for work.

He was ready for office. He brought breakfast in the room. In conversation he asked about my plan was for the day. He suggested me to read something at least that would keep me distracted. But I had a lot of work for the day.

My plan was to take rest till 1:00 PM and then go to the kitchen to clean it up. The sink was full of plates and other utensils. I didn’t need to but considered it to keep me active and I like managing my house.

Sure, he said, whatever makes you feel better. We finished breakfast. He took the plates and asked me to take rest. He came back after 20 odd minutes. I thought he must be watching news something else must have come up. After confirming my health and about my meds, he left.

I slept and woke at 1:30 PM. Walked to the kitchen and to my surprise it was all neat and clean with a nice fragrance. I guess it was the floor cleaner. There was nothing to do for me. It was like one of the happiest moment for me. To my surprise, how he managed to do all of it in 20 mins and without any stain on his shirt.

I was just feeling so happy. Just texted him, thanks a lot for all this. I love him for these small moments of happiness. He somehow manages to surprise me with it.

To tackle my nausea, he had suggested keeping eating throughout the day in small portions. The logic was, not to leave stomach empty. It’s not the first time I got this advice. Mum had said this since she knew.

I had got this advice very first from him when he first knew that I have motion sickness. Well, this time I took his advice seriously. I had everything in my room for munching on. Thanks to his late-night work and craving habit.

Anyway, I’ve no idea whether this technique actually worked, or whether it was just coincidence, but all went well that day, and I even felt well enough to wash my hair, get dressed properly. I love saree and wear one that day. The day went well and I was surprised.

So, overall, Week 8 has been by far the toughest week of pregnancy so far, it was so horrible. I lost a bit of weight this week and was more worried.

Good that I didn’t have to travel to work. Those who have to go to work in pregnancy, I salute you. A lot of suggestions were there from friends and relatives to fight morning sickness but here is what helped me.

The 10 ways that helped me to manage my morning sickness during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy:

  1. Starting the day with a glass of lukewarm water.
  2. Milk with Psyllium Husk and dry fruits (Almonds, Cashew, Walnuts, and Figs)
  3. Taking complete rest.
  4. Eating throughout the day in small portions. An empty stomach makes it worst. I have learned it the hard way. Never go too long between meals. It can cause nausea, and then you may feel sick in the early evening.
  5. Avoiding bad smells including food items.
  6. Wearing loose clothes. Tight clothing around waist used to make me feel uncomfortable.
  7. Healthy snacking with starch carbohydrate-rich snacks, such as whole grain cookies and bananas, etc.
  8. Eating a lot of fruits. I loved oranges and apples. It helped me ensuring that my stomach is never empty.
  9. Sipping water throughout the day. It helped me to stay hydrated.
  10. Ginger tea, it helped me a lot.

Other than above nothing worked and the best was he was always with me. I am focusing more on the positives with my pregnancy and hope that writing my pregnancy diary will give me a good outlet and someday when I will read it all I will feel like traveling in time.

What you say. Share your experience in comments below.


Shweta is MA in Sociology and works towards the betterment of women in India. When she is not working, she loves writing about her life learnings and experiences.

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