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Visit home whenever you can..!!

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Visit home whenever you can..!!

You will realise even if you are cold as ice, that’s the only place where you melt.

Home is so underestimated place, you do not realise how it moulds you back to your original self, every time to visit.

This is the only place where you come to the truce with the world, with yourself. The constant war halts for a while.

This place is so perfect in its ordinariness. I wonder if they even still notice its beauty anymore. The stillness in life in general and sound sleep which is hard to find anywhere else.

Home Sweet Home - Safar The Journey

This is a sudden realisation when I noticed I have replaced Namaste with Pranam, even for the elderly. (not demeaning any language)

I have always revered Pranam. I am going back to it and also to my roots, every time, to shake off the corporate culture when it starts to settle on my skin.

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– Pic and Caption By: Akanksha Bisen

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