You must have made halwa from suji or besan, today we will try making Kacche Papite ka Halwa or Raw Papaya Pudding. It’s an Indian Dessert and easy to cook in the kitchen.

Imagine if you serve Papite ka Halwa (Papaya Pudding). at home as surprise dessert, how amazed everyone would be. Well, you will never know until you try it yourself.

I have seen people ordering Papaya Halwa (Papaya Pudding) in restaurants, and decided to make it at home. Wish could have made a video too. Maybe some other time.  The reason, why I decided to do this was the amazing fragrance of it, which was very tempting and after seeing it, I suddenly felt appetite to try it even after a heavy dinner.

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Making Papaya Pudding (Papite Ka Halwa) is very easy and it took only 20 minutes to prepare and cook. Well, that’s is something super easy and quick.

Here is the list of ingredients for making Papaya Pudding (Papite Ka Halwa), which I used to cook for 5 people at home: 

  1. Raw papaya – 1 kg
  2. Fresh Mawa – 250 gms
  3. Milk – 500 ml (1/2 kg)
  4. Cashew nuts, finely chopped – 100 gm
  5. Raisin – 100 gm
  6. Almonds, finely chopped – 100 gm
  7. Green Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tablespoon (Green cardamom can be used as well)
  8. Sugar / Sugar-Free – According to taste (I used 2 tablespoons)
  9. Desi Ghee – As per needed (I used 4 tablespoons)
  10. Pista – 1 tablespoon

Total time in preparation: 5 Minutes

Total time in cooking: 20-30 Minutes

How to make Papaya Pudding (Papite Ka Halwa): 

Trust me it’s super easy to cook and gets ready in minutes, and you will enjoy the aroma while cooking it.

  1. Peel raw papaya and cut it into small pieces and wash it.
  2. Now put papaya pieces with little water into a pressure cooker and cook until 2 pressure whistles.
  3. Turn off the gas, open lid of the pressure cooker and take out boiled papaya in strainer.
  4. Now, mash the boiled strained papaya very well, till it becomes a soft paste.
  5. Turn on your gas stove and put your cooking pan. Wait till it heats.
  6. Put Desi Gee, as needed (I used 4 tablespoons), in the pan. Wait until it melts properly.
  7. Add mashed papaya into hot ghee and stir it with a pinch in a pan.
  8. Stir it until the water of papaya is dried. It will start getting thicker.
  9. Add milk to it and keep stirring until it gets mixed well. The quantity of milk can be adjusted as per quantity of papaya.
  10. Stir it till pudding starts to thicken again.
  11. Now add all remaining ingredients we had kept to make Papaya Pudding (Papite Ka Halwa), i.e., Mawa, Chopped Cashews, Chopped Almonds, Raisin, Cardamom Powder and Sugar to it and mix it well.
  12. You may enjoy the aroma now.
  13. Keep stirring and mixing till pudding (halwa) starts separating from ghee. Now turn off the gas.
  14. Prepare your serving bowls and let the halwa cool down a little.
  15. Serve it with pista dressing and enjoy the taste and appreciation.

Next time I will try making halwa of ripe papaya ( Pake Papita ka Halwa).

So, try it today and share your experience. Did you use some signature touch to it? Share it with rest of the world.



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