“भैया, एक झंडा ले लो ना, बहुत भूख लगी है।” (Brother, please buy a flag, I am very hungry.)
She had seen me taking her photograph across the road.

What made me click are 2 reasons :

  1. The thought of unfortunate situation of such a great nation, where kids are forced to beggary right under the nose of law enforcement system.
  2. Practicing street photography / mobile photography.

Beggary In India

Though I didn’t buy the flag but offered her oranges and biscuits to eat. She refused and asked for money only.
To mention here, I have a strict principle of not to give money to beggers. But if seems necessary, help them in kind like food, clothing etc.
I offered another option to get her food from a nearby street food joint. To my surprise, she refused that as well.
I asked her, aren’t you hungry?
“Yes, I am.” She replied.
“Then come to that shop, I will buy you parantha.”
“No, my uncle will come with food but will get only if I give him money.” She said. (अभी uncle खाना ले कर आएगा, लेकिन जब पैसे दूंगी तभी खाना मिलेगा).
And she ran away…as if had seen a ghost behind me.
I looked back and saw another elderly man selling dusters and other things on another side of traffic. He took a glimpse of me twice and walked deeper into traffic.

I was shocked and surprised.

We are celebrating 69th republic day but it’s unfortunate that kids like her are still forced to sell things at traffic signals or forced to beg. And a majority is controlled by the mafia.
Beggary in India is a major issue which needs to be addressed effectively. If this is the situation of Delhi, then we are ages behind in our goal to be a world leader as a nation.

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