Excluded, Secluded,
Alienated, Separated;
Reclusive and Different.
In silence, like a shout
I’m the odd one out…

Withdrawn in solitude,
Unliked and Misunderstood
Is what I am, have Always been.
Without a doubt
I’m the odd one out…

Broken, shattered,
Crushed and scattered
Bad for some, good for the rest.
I’m a bet on a bout,
I’m the odd one out.

Forgotten, isolated,
Alone and deserted;
Uncomfortably Underestimated
Always as important,
As you would never understand,
Defining my rout,
I’m the odd one out…

Peculiar and Strange,
Unlike like the rest.
Alone in pairs,
like triangle in squares,
Like a spring in drought,
I’m the odd one out…

~ Alok Upadhayay

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